The character of creation
Is a fluent state,
Not enduring
As life.
Tadeusz Kantor «The theater of death », chapter« Anti-exhibition », L’âge d’homme, 2004, Lausanne, p.130
Inspired by puppetry and my professional experience with theatre companies, I’m interested in the rubbing of different art forms. That’s why life art performance becomes a perfect playground to associate fine arts, performance arts and writing.
My artistic research consists in the development of an own language around life art performance, the human body’s involvement within the exhibition of artwork and the conversion of common performed representations. In this sense I confront sculpture and writing, as a plastic element, with my own body. By inventing kinds of set designs, I bring a fictitious reality and a “direct” reality together.
My performing experimentations are open inscribed in a long duration in order to have the possibility to develop the experience further by unexpected and interpersonal moments.
In this way the target of my research and performing experimentations is gradually centred on the (im)possible communication between the artist and the spectator-visitor within the artwork. The set design becomes by this way a place of exchange and permits to the public to reimagine his place as spectator or/and visitor, but also to question his relation to the other. Making performance today means to me the inscription in a creative process accompanied and carried out by the artist himself.