[…] The so-called ship has a stopover in the harbor. An automatic ladder comes out the whale and rolls out to get connected with the land.

The captain waves to A.: Come up!
A. comes up.
The captain waves to S.-V.: Come on, you, too!
S.-V. comes up. His steps are hesitating and he feels dizzy. In the middle of the ladder, he doubts and prepares himself to turn back when A. puts out his hand towards him. He continues to climb up and  is drawnby A. up to the ship’s deck.
- My name is A., pleased to meet you.
- S.-V. I’m glad to meet you at last.
 The captain bids farewell: It was a pleasure for me.
He puts the ladder down and pushes the whale until it unhitches from the border with hilarious scrunching.
The captain waves to the whale and leaves.

Extract of the article Ping-Pong, experiences within the artwork
by Maria Landgraf

> Image from the video Crumbly moults, 2015, Maria Landgraf